Missing Cinemas - Edinburgh

We have entries in our database for 72 cinemas that have existed in Edinburgh.
Of those, we have images of some kind on our Edinburgh page for 57 of them.
That means there's only 15 we don't currently have any images of at all.

Can you help ?
Got an old postcard in the loft ?
Spotted one of these cinemas in the background of an old photo?
Let us know! (also please have a look at the our Missing page for Glasgow too!)

N.B. - you need to have the copyright on any images you send us; if you spot one of these in a book or elsewhere online, by all means let us know, but we probably won't be able to use the image without checking first with the original copyright holder.

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The cinemas we're looking for are:

Built by Captain Cameron, later of the Dominion   

30-32, N. Richmond St
o. 1920 in former synagogue. Cl. by 1933. Demolished.   

Boswall Parkway   
o. 1937. Fire, 2.3.64, prompted closure. Dem. 1975 for supermarket.

Laurieston Hall
Occasional film shows.   

New Electric Cinema
Shrubhill, Leith Walk
o. 1908.  Later Petit Paris.  Cl. c. 1912. Demolished

54, Annandale Street
o. 5.2.12 in old skating rink. s. 1,800. Cl. 1915 to become circus. Later car salesroom. Dem.

Operetta House   
3, Chambers Strret
o. 1900 for cine-variety in old Moss theatre. Cinema by 1906.  Dem. 1951.   

36 Raeburn Place, Stockbridge
Licence granted July 1913. Conversion of dancing hall.   

People's Picture House   
19 (17?) Blackfriars Street
Conversion of existing building

Pringle's Picture Palace
71-75, Grove Street   
o. 9.11.08  by R Pringle in old mission hall/stables, built 1872.  Cl. c.1917 to become theatre. Burned down, 4.7.21.      Demolished

St Andrew's Square Cinema
Clyde Street   
o. 1.1.23 by FR Graham-Yooll in old vet school of 1818 (arch. R&R Dickson). s. 1,421. Sold to Gaumont, 5.28. Destroyed by fire, 12.11.52. Dem.

Raeburn Place, Stockbridge   
Opp. Palladium.   

Theatre Royal   
Broughton Street   
Summer season film shows, 1912 [CJ Phipps, 1884]
Waverley Market       
Occasional film shows    Demolished

Broughton High School Theatre       
200 seat lecture theatre. Used by film society with 16mm projectors