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BB Cinerama / New Cinerama  / Odeon Eglinton Toll
201 Victoria Road / Butterbiggins Road

Photo c1980

Opened 7.8.22 by JJ Bennell. Architect McInnes Gardner & Campbell Reid to seat 2,004.  This replaced an earlier BB Cinerama that had opened nearby in 1912.

Sold to Gaumont, 1929. Auditorium extended and a new entrance on Butterbiggins Road, incorporating a large sunburst design, added in 1931, by architect James L Ross to seat 2,662. Renamed New Cinerama from 1948.
Rebuilt, renamed Odeon, 24.2.64. s. 2,003.

Photos courtesy of

Closed 6.10.81. Demolished late 1986.

Photos c1986 courtesy Chris Doak.
1986 Demolition gallery here, courtesy Chris Doak

Image of Frank Olsen at the 2/8 Christie Organ, courtesy of Frank Watson / Scottish Cinema Organ Trust.

In July 2007, the site was being excavated to create foundations for a new development, and these fragments of the crest above the main entrance were uncovered [many thanks to Rod Alexander for the photos]. The quality of workmanship of the carving is still impressive!

Crest & globe c.1986
 prior to demolition

Bottom of Globe

Left wing,

Wing carving detail

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