1321, Duke St, Parkhead

Opened in 1935, to seat 2400. Full height fly tower and large stage. Bingo until 1995; since when it was derelict until demolition in 2001. The original facade was much taller, being reminiscent of a skyscraper. Metal cladding dates from bingo conversion.

Pictures of the huge interior when on bingo, courtesy of Kevin Gooding.

Archive images courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive at the National Library of Scotland

Exterior pics courtesy Chris Doak:

August 2001: Demolition has begun, as evidenced by the scaffolding appearing around the auditorium.


This view shows the layout of the foyer in relation to the wide auditorium, and the fly tower in the background.

The pictures below of the demolition work below show a little colour decoration remaining on the side of one interior wall.
This decoration & colour scheme is visible in pictures of the interior (courtesy of Kevin Gooding)