Grosvenor Redevelopment Works
 - the plans revealed

Exterior to Ashton Lane

1 - Cinema entrance
2 - Bar entrance
3 - Restaurant entrance
4 - Balcony bar (overhanging entrances)
5 - Wooden doors to upper bar
6 - Main auditorium roof
7 - Glazed area
8 - Cul de Sac building
9 - The Chip building
There is a three floor high new 'tower' on the left hand side - to full height of Cul de Sac building. Glazed windows down entire height of this. Similar on right hand side but two floors high (same height as the Chip adjoining).
In between, the ground floor is set back from Ashton lane, with entrances to bar (centre), restaurant (RHS) and cinema (in side of protruding 'tower' section). An overhanging balcony overlooks this set back section, with handrail, and forms an upper bar exterior area. Doors to upper bar are wooden.
Walls are finished in white as before to blend into the other buildings in the lane.

Ground floor interior plan


1 - Ashton Lane
2 - Bar entrance
3 - Restaurant entrance
4 - Lift
5 - Cinema ticket sales
6 - Main bar
7 - Restaurant bar
8 - Main restaurant area
9 - Kitchens
10 - Toilets
11 - Main stairs to cinemas
12 - Entrance to cinema
13 - Fire Exit Stairs
The central region taken up with the main bar. A waiting area and bar for the restaurant is on the right, running the length of building. Actual restuarant forms the full width of the rear half.
Kitchens and toilets are on the left hand side, and extend to the area between the auditorium and Cul de Sac.
Ticket sales for cinema are in ground floor of 'tower', with steps up to first floor. Also lift & ramp access to first floor on far right.

First floor interior plan


1 - Ashton Lane
2 - Balcony bar (outside)
3 - Balcony Bar
4 - Lift
5 - Arts cinema (96 seats)
6 - Projection booth
7 - Main cinema (214 seats)
8 - Toilets
9 - Staff area
10 - Main screen
11 - Fire exit
12 - Arts screen
13 - Kiosk - sweets etc.
The main access is via stair in 'tower' to cinema. The front portion - roughly the original foyer region - is accessed from the ground floor bar, and is a small second bar and balcony overlooking the lane.
The projection booth is in centre of this level. A small 'arts' cinema has its screen in approximate position of the original screen, with a new rake. This cinema is about half the width of full auditorium, and is centrally located width-wise.
The same projection booth serves the main 214 seat cinema, which uses the full auditorium width at the rear half of the building, with its screen on the current back wall. This cinema is full height to reveal the original decorative ceiling (which is to be restored and repaired).
Toilets, staff rooms etc in remaining spaces at side.

Second floor interior plan


1 - Ashton Lane
2 - Corporate lounge
3 - Corporate Bar
4 - Corporate presentation area
5 - Conference Room
6 - Offices
7 - Void over main cinema
8 - ??? wall or open area ???
The main access is via the tower stair again. A corporate lounge is in top of the 'tower', also a conference room on the LHS, and office space on the RHS of a 'corporate presentation area'. This is a central raked area of seats, again with restored original roof above. Seats point in direction of main cinema screen.
Here is where the plans are not clear: either there is a separate screen for this presentation area, or it acts as a 'balcony' for the main screen. This would be really good if it was the case, as there would then be a large continuous area of original roof revealed and visible, and a screen with a balcony would be unique in a current Glasgow cinema.
There is no sign of a separate projection area for this 2nd floor region, so it is possible. Fingers crossed!

Cut-away plans
Side View

End View


1 - Ashton Lane
2 - Main Bar
3 - Restaurant
4 - Balcony Bar
5 - Arts Cinema
6 - Projection booth
7 - Main cinema
8 - Corporate area
9 - Corporate presentations
10 - ??? wall or open area ???
11 - Roof void
12 - Restored original roof
13 - Kitchens
14 - Conference room
15 - Offices
Interestingly, the ground floor will be at normal Ashton Lane ground level, with the original stalls rake filled in (though there is vague mention of 'cellar space'.) So ceilings must be fairly low in the bar & restaurant to be able to fit all the floors inside the building beneath the retained ceiling.
The plans also explicitly state the retention and restoration of original ceiling decoration, which is fantastic news.

For comparison purposes, here is the rough layout when the Grosvenor closed last year
Side View

Ground Floor Plan

    KEY (side view)

1 - Ashton Lane
2 - Foyer
3 - Cinema
4 - Screen
5 - Projection booth
6 - Disused balcony area
7 - Void above false ceiling
8 - Disused original screen area
9 - Original ceiling void
10 - Original ceiling decoration

    KEY (ground plan)

1 - Ashton Lane
2 - Foyer
3 - Ticket sales
4 - Sweets Kiosk
5 - Office
6 - Kelvin Cinema
7 - Ashton Cinema
8 - Screens
9 - Projection booth
10 - Toilets
11 - Staff area

The plans shown above are sketches, intended for information purposes only and to give a feel for the intentions of the developers.
They are based on the plans lodged with Glasgow City Council, but may be subject to change.
No attempt is made to infringe any existing copyrights on the designs; these images should not be reproduced beyond this website without permission.