Grosvenor Cinema
Ashton Lane, Hillhead

Exterior    closure

Exterior to Ashton Lane, just prior to closure before the pre-2003 rebuilding

Exterior in 2001.

Rear of auditorium: the original projection holes can be seen, now exposed and bricked up.
The outline of where the foyer joined the auditorium can also be seen.  The low, brick building in the lower right
is part of the restaurant that replaced the original foyer entrance (see below).

Site of original entrance to the Grosvenor, on Byres Road (now a pub/restuarant). Note the three-paned stained glass window,
which was likely rescued from the original facade.

Dramatic shot, courtesy of Gary Painter, of the view of the Grosvenor from Ashton Lane.
Taken April 2003 when stripping out was almost complete.