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New Bedford
117 Eglinton Street

The B-listed New Bedford was built on the site of the earlier New Bedford cinema (1921 - 1932). Seating 2,300, the new New Bedford remained a cinema until 1973. From then until the late 1990s, it was used for bingo (despite being right next door to the Coliseum, also then a bingo hall).

Original Neon Scheme
It recently re-opened as the music venue the Glasgow Carling Academy, which has has kept most of the original interior features - the auditorium looks fantastic.

Additional picture here.

Additional pictures of the New Bedford prior to its conversion to the Academy available here.

Photo of the cinema from the high flats behind here, courtesy Norrie Mcnamee.

An exterior from 1980 when it was on bingo can be seen here, courtesy Chris Doak.

Archive images below courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive at the National Library of Scotland.

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