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Tivoli / Classic
53, Crow Road

Photo above c1980 courtesy Chris Doak
Opened in April 1929, the Tivoli seated 1,915. It was designed by the Dumbarton-based architects Denny and Blain for the Thomas Ormiston chain.

Front Elevation

Rear Elevation

Long Section


Block Plan

Balcony Plan
Plans courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive at the National Library of Scotland.

At some point after 1930, the exterior was extended forward to create a larger entrance hall. Projection was from the rear of the stalls, and there was a large open hallway behind the balcony. The auditorium featured side boxes.



View to screen

View to rear
Archive photos courtesy of Bruce Peter

Click here for a booklet showing the attractions showing at The Tivoli - Glasgow's Wonder Cinema - in May 1930. (Many thanks to Frank Watson).

It was sold to the Classic chain and renamed Classic in 1967; it finally closed in February 1972, and became a County bingo hall.

Exterior as Classic

Exterior as County Bingo

View to screen

View to rear
Archive photos courtesy of Bruce Peter

Some photos of the interior from the bingo period can be seen here, courtesy of Bruce Murray. A 1992 exterior photo can be seen here, courtesy of Norrie

Projection images courtesy of Frank Watson.




01 - 2 GK21 Projectors and President Carbon Arcs
02 - No.2 GK21 Projector and President Carbon Arc Lamp
03 - Valve Amplifier Racks and on right NOn-Sync & Projectomatic Automation
04 - 4 x 9 Wet Type Dimmers in 4 colours, all stage, orchestra pit, organ grilles and all auditorium lighting. Could all be lit in different colours, hand-operated but motorised for Projectomatic. Rewind Bench on right.

The Tivoli was demolished in the late 1990s, and housing built on the site.

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