Toledo side view 13/4/01

Side View

Inside Screen 1

Amphora at rear of Screen 1 (see below for better lit view)

Detail of ceiling light in Screen 1:


Detail of remaining visible atmospheric decoration in Screen 1, as lit before start of performance:

Looking down LHS of Screen 1, note Spanish-style atmospheric fittings, and curved, dark-blue ceiling:

Taken 13/10/01

Slightly better view of RHS of main screen fittings in Screen 1. The plain section on the far left of the picture is the start of the hardboard used to triple the auditorium.

It is believed more atmospherical features survive behind the hardboard:


Screen 2:


Downstairs in Screen 2, the old front stalls, featuring original proscenium opening, and some side-wall decoration:

Detail of the remaining side decoration:

From behind the rear stalls, note roof-style decoration:

Many of the original fixtures and fittings are still in place, for example:

Detail of some of the bullfighting-themed decorative tiles from the foyer:

Detail of decoration on original doors, many of which are still in place:

Doors and light fittings in foyer:

Exterior views (taken 20/10/01).

Windows on side of building:

The Toledo