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Alexandria Cinemas

The Hall
204 Bank St

Originally the Public Hall. Cinema from 1930s, at which point the side extensions were added.
Showed films until around 1973. On Bingo till c.2008. Currently empty. B-listed. Additional picture here.
Photos below courtesy of Scott McCutcheon.


Interior stalls

Interior balcony

Palace / The Strand
Bank Street

Photo c1993 courtesy Chris Doak. Now demolished.
Additonal photo here courtesy of Norrie Mcnamee.
Photos below courtesy of Scott McCutcheon.


Interior view to rear

Interior view to proscenium

Thanks to Jock Brown, information and photos c.1959 below:
The Strand was originally called The Palace Cinema, which was purpose-built as a cinema and opened in 1914:
which I believe was unusual as most cinemas were conversions from either halls or theatres. It became The Strand in 1929, and continued as The Strand until its closure in 1978.
The Strand had two screenings a day (Monday to Saturday inclusive), and a children's matinee on Saturday morning. I'm not too sure about Sundays whether it was one or two screenings.

Image of the Chief, Sandy Keith here and the two relief projectionists here.

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