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Crieff Cinemas

Crieff Cinema
High Street / Church Street

Erected in 1924 with 650 seats for Strathearn Cinema Company. Built by and incredible entrepreneur Peter Crerar, who ran a coach builders
and  ran a steamer on Loch Earn which he had hauled by steam tractor from Perth. The story goes that the cinema was originally to be a garage
when he became convinced that cinemas were the thing of the future. He rushed up  and stopped the men on the job telling him they were now to build his new cinema !
Later owned by CAC. Bingo after cluso
Photo above by Harry Rigby.
Photo here courtesy of Norrie Mcnamee.

Porteous Hall / Regal / Ritz / Rex
Strathearn Terrace

Sold to Morrison's Academy to become their Refectory.
Picture above courtesy of Norrie Mcnamee

Archive images below, c.1953, courtesy of George Millar:

Commisioner Street

After closure, home for Meadow Motors.
Now demolished; photo taken in 1999.
Courtesy of Norrie Mcnamee

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