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Gretna Cinemas

Prize Cinema
  121 Central Avenue
Category C Listed Building

Archive images courtesy of Alan J Towers.
Opened 1916 as part of the Gretna township built to service the enormous munitions factory nearby.

Photo shows Mr Rob Towers, cinema proprietor, introducing stars Janette Scott & Vernon Gray
at the premier of Now and Forever, c1956.

Converted to Bingo sometime after the late 1960s; bingo closed c.2008.
The foyer areas were converted for music school use in 2015, with the auditorium used for storage.
A rare example of a purpose built cinema opened during wartime.

Interior image on bingo courtesy of the NLS Moving Image Archive

Photos below from June 1985, courtesy of Paul Francis.

Some colour interior images from Bingo days on CinemaTreasures here.

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