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Arbroath Cinemas

Picture House
141 High Street

Opened 1930 behind Royal Hotel, seating 1036. Bingo since 1970s. Hotel is B-listed
Additional picture here courtesy of Derek Mathieson.

56 Market Place

Opened 1912 in former Corn Exchange. Closed 1959.
Photo and rear view here courtesy of Harry Rigby.
Now a Wetherspoons bar. B-listed
Photo here courtesy Norrie Mcnamee.

Websters Theatre
High Street

Occasional film use.
Photo courtesy Norrie Mcnamee.
Currently (late 2006) undergoing renovation.

Palace [III]
James Street

Photo above courtesy of Paul Francis, circa 1985.

Opened May 1940 by ABC, designed by architect WR Glen to seat 1,488. Passed to JB Milne, October 1963. Part-week bingo from mid-60s. Sold to Kingsway Ents, early 1970s. Bingo only from 1984. Sold to Border Movies Ltd, late 1985. Films reinstated (balcony only). Stalls became roller rink, 1988. Closed 1991. Demolished December 1992 for housing.
Interior pictures c1982, courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive.

Additional pictures (courtesy of Paul Francis) are available here and here.

Palace [II]
The building above was on the site of the earlier Palace, which opened on October 1914, seating 1,150. Sold to JB Milne, 1916. Absorbed into SCVT, 1917. It was closed and  demolished in April 1939.
Photo above courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive.

This in turn was on the site of the even earlier Arbroath Picture Hall / Palace [I] which had opened in September 1909 in the former Arbroath Theatre of 1901 (itself the former Inverbrothock Free Church). Renamed the Palace in 1910, it was demolished in June 1914.

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