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Banff Cinemas

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Banff Cinemas

Picture House
Bridge Street

Photo above courtesy of Alan Smith.
The Picture House opened in 1937 with "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" and closed on Saturday 4th January 1974 with "Tom Sawyer" - ironically the film the week previously was also "Snow White". Films ran full time until the late 1960s when bingo took over on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, until bingo was dropped in the early 1970s. Films then continued on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings. There was a matinee on Saturday afternoon, and also on weekdays during the summer if it rained.

The cinema had a raised section at the rear seating 144, and a front section seating 240. The projection equipment was B.T.H.  It was owned and ran by Kingsway Entertainments who took over from J.B. Milne Theatres in 1968. For a small town cinema it was quite well maintained, and had been redecorated about 18 months before closure, but retaining its original seats. Allan Goodall was Manager/Operator for 7 months before it closed.

It stood empty for about 3-4 years before being used as a boat showroom. Appears to have been used as furniture shop until recently.

The tiled entrance floor remains, and the auditorium is believed to be extant. Listed Category C(s) by Historic Scotland in 1972.

Information and entrance photograph courtesy of Allan Goodall; the lady in the photo is Myra Calderwood.

Bill poster thanks to George Millar.

Entrance in July 1973
Additional photo here, courtesy of Derek Mathieson.

Ladysbridge Hospital

Image of projection equipment courtesy of David Low.

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