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Bonnybridge Cinemas

Harris's Pictures & Varieties / TPicture House

Photo courtesy of Ann Barber.
Information courtesy of Richard Higgins.
Henry Harris - known as 'Old Henry', who started his career in the fairgrounds, decided to settle in Bonnybridge.
The cinema started life as a show-tent, before being replaced (c.1912) by a wooden structure, which opened 23rd December 1912.
In 1930, it was rebuilt and extended as a brick buildings, now seating around 650, and sound equipment was installed.
From the 1960s, it was part-time bingo and part time film, and from 1969, was on bingo full time. It closed by 1980, and was demolished in December 1980.

Another Bonnybridge cinema was also found in the Public Hall, run by a Mr Faulkner.

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