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High Street

Opened in 1939 with 1040 seats. Architect was a Mr Wilson, ARIBA.
Closed in the mid 1970s.
Later converted for amusements with some of the decoration covered up, the stalls floor levelled, and the foyer greatly remodelled.
It had lain derelict since a devastating fire in 1985. 

A selection of photos taken in 2005 surveying the burnt out interior are available here.
In April 2008 a demolition warrant was issued, but one of the three original stained glass windows, featuring a prancing deer, was salvaged by the local Building Heritage Trust. It is now safely in storage, and it is hoped to find this a new home somewhere in the town.

Images courtesy of Douglas Speirs, Fife Council Archaeology
The rest of the building has now been completely demolished. A gallery of demolition images can be seen here, courtesy of Douglas Speirs, Fife Council Archaeology.

1 Cromwell Road/Kinghorn Road/Rose Street

Opened 1915. Closed around 1939.
The building is in the process of being gutted for conversion into flats, the facade has been retained.
It is currently on the Buildings at Risk list. Side view here.
Exterior prior to conversion to flats here.
Photos courtesy of Graham Kelly.

Picture Palace

o. c. 1915 in former church. Cl. mid-20s. Became painter's store. Destroyed by fire, 28.9.77
Image courtesy of the Cinema Theatre Association Archive (Tony Moss Collection)

More information on Burnisland's cinemas and the histories of the above buildings can be found on this excellent external website:

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