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La Scala

Graham Road, Clydebank

Image c.1950s courtesy of Charles McNab [click for larger version]

Opened in 1938, seating 2,648, the tower was originally much taller, extending to around three times the current height above the auditorium roof.

Auditorium was split between bingo (in stalls) and cinema (in circle) in 1969.

Closed as a cinema in 1984, the upper area was used as a snooker club, but is now empty.

A gallery of exterior and interior pictures from May 2007 can be seen here; many thanks to manager Ross McClung for giving us the chance to look around.

Archive exterior courtesy of 'dusashenka'
Images above February 1983 courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive at the National Library of Scotland.

There are several archive pictures of the exterior on website - see here for example.
For older pictures, see here.
An archive shot from 1993 can be seen here, courtesy Chris Doak.

Shot from inside the projection room in the 1950s are here and here, courtesy of Jock Brown.

UCI / Empire Clydebank
Clydebank Shopping Centre

As an open cinema, see separate page here.

Glasgow Road

Photo above courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive.

Opened as a theatre, December 1914. Designed by George Boswell to seat 1,300.
Full-time cinema from 1928. Destroyed by fire, 21.6.59.

Interior image courtesy of 'dusashenka'.

Gaiety / Bank
Elgin St/Glasgow Road

Photo above courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive.
Opened January 1902 as a theatre, seating 1,400. Sold to AE Pickard for cine-variety in September 1908.
Renovated as a cinema and renamed Bank in August 1917. Sold to SCVT in 1927.
Closed in 1961. Demolished, though part of a gable end may still remain... ?

Interior image courtesy of 'dusashenka'.

Co-Op Hall

Photos c1993 courtesy Chris Doak.

A view of the auditorium can be found here.

Masonic Hall

Photo here and here c.1985 courtest of Paul Francis

Town Hall

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