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Regal / ABC Cinema
Ellis Street / The Cross

Opened as the Regal in 1936, and originally seating 1,958. Renamed ABC in 1960s. Subdivided into cinema in circle and bingo in stalls in 1973. Cinema closed in 1983, becoming a snooker club. Bingo ceased in 1996, and the snooker appears to have moved downstairs. Archive image courtesy of 'dusashenka'.

Additional picture here.


Archive photos above courtesy Chris Doak.

Images below February 1983, just after closure of the cinema, courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive at the National Library of Scotland.

Empire / Odeon
Main Street

Opened 1912 as live theatre.

Sold to Singleton's. c.1920. Sold to Odeon & renamed,  September 1936.

Closed September 1976. Demolished for shops.

Odeon photos courtesy of

BB Cinema
Water Street

[Click to see full version of postcard]
Image courtesy of Bruce Peter

o. by JJ Bennell.  Sold to Gaumont, 12.28?.  Cl. 1956.


o. 1913 by local syndicate. Purpose-built. Cl. Mid-60s. Dem.
Image courtesy of the Cinema Theatre Association Archive (Tony Moss Collection)

Theatre Royal
Main Street

o.1875 as theatre. s. 2,000. Sold to RC Buchanan, 1.07. Cine-variety from 1919. Sold to W Regent, full-time cinema, 1938. Sold to Green's , 1956. s. 460 + 206 balc. Cl. 9.8.58. Derelict. Dem. for road widening, 1966.
Image courtesy of the Cinema Theatre Association Archive (Tony Moss Collection)

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