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Dumbarton Cinemas

College Street, Dumbarton

Opened in 1914 by Joseph Wingate. Sold to Green's in 1924.
Sold to SCVT in 1927, and renamed Rialto. Later sold to CAC, and rebuilt for cine-bingo (two small cinemas upstairs in original balcony area) in 1981.
Cinemas closed in 1989, and a brief reopening in 1993 was unsuccessful. Carlton Bingo continues downstairs.

Additional exterior photos below courtesy Emma Watson

Interior photos of the projection room and upstairs cinemas (now used for storage) courtesy Robert Gollan

La Scala
Glasgow Road

(entrance was the left section of the bookmakers)

Opened November 1920, seating 900. Closed in 1961; later used as a disco.
Destroyed by fire; now demolished apart from the foyer entrance.

Photo below c1993 courtesy Chris Doak

Image below courtesy of the Cinema Theatre Association Archive (Tony Moss Collection)

Picture House
High Street, opp. Bridge Street

o.1915, a hall behind shops. A.George Boswell. 1050 seats; open until 1966.

Wingate's Picture Palace / Regal
Church Street

o. 1910 by Joseph Wingate. Cl. 1930 to become boxing venue. Reopened as Regal, 1938. Arch. Lennox and McMath. Cl. 4.59. Dem. 1960.

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