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Regal / ABC / Odeon
Shakespeare Street

Originally the ABC Regal, this was split in 1972 with bingo in the stalls and a single-screen Odeon in the old circle area (526 seats).
The auditorium is set far back from the road, and the very plain facade leads to a long corridor in order to reach it. Renamed Odeon in 2001.
Additional pictures of the rear of the auditorium exterior, and the back of the facade & corridor are available.

Image below of the original entrance as the Regal, courtesy of 'dusashenka'

Photos below from June 1985, courtesy of Paul Francis

Theatre Royal / Electric Theatre
Shakespeare Street

Built in 1792; later extended with a new facade in 1896.
Converted to a cinema and roller-skating rink in the 1920s. Renovated as a theatre in 1959.
 Now the oldest operating theatre in Scotland. Currently seating around 219.
Theatre website is at

Photos below from June 1985, courtesy of Paul Francis

(New) Lyceum
High Street

o. 12.10.36 by CAC on site of earlier Lyceum. Arch. A MacDonald. Cl. Mid-60s. Dem. 1.70 for shops.
Image courtesy of the Cinema Theatre Association Archive (Tony Moss Collection)

Robert Burns Centre
Mill Road

Arts centre; also shows films. 69 seats.
Official Website

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