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Hawick Cinemas

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Hawick Cinemas

Thanks to Ian Miller of the Old Scottish Borders Photo Archive at
for information and permission to reproduce some of the archive photos.
Thanks to Joe Skivington and Norrie Mcnamee for additional photos and information.

Corn Exchange / King's / Odeon / Classic / Marina

Nightclub after cinema closed; Burnt down 1992. Largely demolished after fire; turret only retained.
Photos below from the 1980s, courtesy of Paul Francis.

High Street

Now demolished.

The Wee Thee
Croft Road

Badly damaged by fire in 1940s. Now a Salvation Army citadel.

An archive shot of the interior from 1914 can be seen here, courtesy of Stewart Donaldson.

Hawick Little Theatre
8 Croft Road
42 seats

Heart of Hawick

Photo courtesy of David Simpson
 111 seat auditorium configurable as a cinema, theatre and conference centre
Opened October 2007.

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