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Huntly Cinemas

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Huntly Cinemas

Palace / Playhouse Cinema
Gordon Street

Opened June 1932, with 586 seats.  Refurbished and renamed Playhouse, 1938. Closed 1970.
Demolished 2009.
Photo above courtesy of Alan Smith.

Standing:- Sandy Valentine (projectionist), Douglas Bowie (doorman/usher) Bill Jamieson (doorman). Alan Smith (projectionist)
Sitting:- Marjorie Paterson, Jimmy Ewen (film winder) Rosalind Gartley, J.W.A. 'Jack' Paterson (manager) Catherine Paterson (his wife) Dick Muir (projectionist).

"Jack Paterson, the manager, was quite an accomplished artist and did all the decoration in the vestibule and the large murals of Venice on the auditorium walls,
by himself, which must have been quite a feat."
Archive material courtesy of Richard Muir

Photos below from an exhibition of recovered items from the building in May 2006; courtesy David Low.

Images of the demolition below courtesy of David Low:

Palace / De Luxe
Granary Street

Opened 1913; closed in 1932 when new Palace opened.
Photo courtesy David Simpson

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