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Kilbirnie Cinemas

Radio Kilbirnie

Built in 1937, seating 1200 in stadium arrangement. Had been empty for many years, but has now been extensively redeveloped as a community centre, somewhat appropriately incorporating a radio station! The exterior has been carefully restored, and a facsimile replacement mast added. See here for a closeup detail of the facade, or here for a shot just before the mast was replaced.

A new photo here taken at night shows the wonderful new neon display...

A photo c1993, courtesy Norrie Mcnamee, shows the Radio as the George bingo hall; and another one here c1996 courtesy Chris Doak.

Photos below are from June 1985, courtesy of Paul Francis.

The building is C(s)-Listed

Picture House

Photos c1996 courtesy Chris Doak
The building is now used as a garage, which burnt down c October.2008

Picture here courtesy of Norrie Mcnamee
Photos below are from June 1985, courtesy of Paul Francis.

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