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La Scala
 Emsdore St

Seated 368. Constructed in 1920, the structure was originally a Nissen hut which was first used as an entertainment centre during WW2. The frontage where the box office projection room and managers office was added in the late 1940's. The frontage was in the style of a Dutch building just about twenty feet high from pavement to roof level. There were three rounded steps leading to the front doors. The doors were of heavy oak with heavy glass. Access to the projection room was by a ladder on the north side of the frontage. Inside the managers office was to the right with a kiosk on the left. The paybox was between the two doors leading into the Hall.

The cinema had stalls and balcony seating; the "balcony" was in fact a raised bleacher of twelve rows of better quality seating than the stalls and affording a better view of the single screen. The stalls were flat floored - the seats were taken up for weekend dancing during the War when the building was essentially a NAAFI. The Hall was about 120 feet long so it was not a big cinema. The screen was covered by large purple velvet curtaining to the left was a Railway Clock somewhat obscured by a false Palm Tree, there was another tree on the right with an exit door adjacent.

The building closed as a cinema in 1968, and after being used for restaurant use for many years, was demolished for flats in 1989.

Picture c1985 courtesy of Paul Francis.
Information courtesy of Daniel Fernie & Jean Goodwillie.

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