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Regal Cinema
King Street

Foyer now a bar, which is closed.

Church Street

It was quite a small cinema on two levels - the balcony sat approx 100, and the stalls under 300 seats. It was unique in as much as that the projection room was over the rear left hand side of the balcony. The box was tiny, with two simplex projectors and an early western electric sound head - the operator had to be slim to get between the projectors to lace up.

The equipment was the original in operation from when it opened in the 1930s until closure.

A fire in the playhouse in 1968/69 caused it to be closed for a short while, after which it was refurbished and re-opened on cine-bingo. This continued for a couple of years, before it was closed by CAC and sat dark for a couple of years.
A company called Minor Bingo took it over and ran films on Mon-Wed-Thu & Sat evenings. It finally closed in the mid-1970s, and lay empty until The British Legion took it over to use as club premises, before passing it on the Nairn Football Club for the same purpose. It was still occupied in July 2005.

Information courtesy of Allan Goodall.

Photos courtesy of Derek Mathieson.

Little Theatre

Photo courtesy of Harry Rigby

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