Scottish Cinemas and Theatres

Kilmarnock Cinemas & Theatres

This site attempts to catalogue, record and describe all of Kilmarnock's cinema and theatre buildings, past and present.
Open Closed Demolished

Currently open:


Palace Theatre / Corn Exchange

Closed as cinemas/theatres but still existing in some form:

King's / ABC


Opera House

Completely demolished:



Other Demolished Cinemas
[Information courtesy of Frank Beattie]

The Forum
opened c. 1920, closed, I think, in the 1959 Site now occupied by a Kwik Save supermarket.

The Electric
Opened in a former church in 1911 and closed in 1938 when the building was demolished.

The Scotia / Savoy / Imperial
Opened in 1920 and closed in the 1950s.

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