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Scottish Miliitary Cinemas

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Military Cinemas

Most  military bases in Scotland had cinema facilities; many even had purpose built cinemas.
This page lists those we know about; if you have any information to add, please let us know!

RN Hatston Cinema

Demolished in 1950.
[Images courtesy of Kenny Thomson]

Strond Cinema
Holm, Kirkwall, Orkney
Destroyed by fire.
[Images courtesy of Kenny Thomson]

Flotta Cinema

[Images courtesy of Bryan Groat]

Lyness Garrison Cinema

[Image courtesy of Melvyn Gould]
Additional image here.

Bewley Hall
[Images courtesy of Paul Francis]

Skeabrae Airfield Cinema

[Images courtesy of Kenny Thomson]

Fort George Cinema

[Image courtesy of David Low]

RAF Kinross

[Image courtesy of David Low]

Elgin Pinefield

[Image courtesy of David Low]

RAF Kinloss

The old SKC cinema building at RAF Kinloss is still standing. The building was used by the RAF for briefings and presentations so I have been inside many times, no rake to the seating, probably held 150/200 at the most.
[Information and image courtesy of Tez Watson]

Twatt Airfield Cinema


Skitten Airfield Cinema


Crail Airfield Cinema
A wooden-floored cinema/gymnasium, built approx. 1940.
Now B-listed by Historic Scotland.
Website of the owners here.

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