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Musselburgh Cinemas

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Musselburgh Cinemas & Theatres

Hayweights Cinema
30-34 Bridge Street

Photo courtesy of Harry Rigby.
Opened in 1935, seating 1004. Bingo since the 70s.
Was run by the Di Rollo family.
Click here for a photo of the exterior taken in the 1977, courtesy of Alistair Kerr.

Brunton Theatre
Bridge Street

  Modern theatre complex. Photo courtesy Harry Rigby.
Fitted with a flown screen & digital projection to allow for film shows.

Pavilion Picture House / Arcadia
High Street

Photos courtesy of Norrie Mcnamee.
The bar on the RHS of the entrance was once the Pavilion bar.
Click here for a photo of the rear of the auditorium.
Now a carpet warehouse

Playhouse Cinema
(now demolished)

Photo courtesy of Alistair Kerr, taken in 1977.

Central Picture House
Mall Avenue

Demolished for  an extention to bus depot, 1962.

Image courtesy of the Cinema Theatre Association Archive (Tony Moss Collection)

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