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The Allanpark / Carlton

Photo above Courtesy of Alan Bunting
Opened 5th October 1938, seating 1700. Built for Stirling Cinema & Variety Theatres Ltd. Designed by Sam Runcie ARIAS.
Later acquired by Caledonian Associated Cinemas in 1969, and twinned (approx 2x300 seats) in 1977 by dividing balcony in half with a false ceiling over front of stalls which are now used for bingo.
Bought in late 1990s by Carlton Bingo who own numerous Bingo halls; this is their only cinema operation. It continued showing films until closure on Sunday 20th April, 2008.

Click here for a picture of the rear of the auditorium.
Click here for some interior pictures, courtesy of Alan Bunting and Hugh Thomson.
Click here from some archive shots from the 60s and 80s, courtesy of Andy Simmonds.
Archive photo of the staff on opening night here, courtesy of Stewart Donaldson.
Some interior shots and details of equipment can be seen here, thanks to Colin Shearer.
[Original proscenium c.1960 courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive]

[Original side decoration c.1938 courtesy of the Cinema Theatre Association Archive]

A gallery of photos from the projection room taken on the closing weekend can be seen here, courtesy of Pete Naples.

Pictures below courtesy of Scott McCutcheon.


Screen 1

Screen 2

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