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The Regal
 Maxwell Place

Main image above courtesy of 'dusashenka'.

Archive images courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive at the National Library of Scotland

Described as 'Stirling's Super Cinema' the Regal opened on Monday 3rd October 1932. Owned by SCVT, the architects were McNair and Elder, who provided seating was for 2,200. The original manager was Mr George Guthrie, who had previously managed the Glasgow Grosvenor and Coliseum cinemas, amongst several others. 


Editorial 1

Editorial 2


Opening night souvenir brochure courtesy of the Cinema Theatre Association Archive

'The largest audience ever assembled under one roof in Stirling attended the opening of Stirling's newest cinema, The Regal, Maxwell Place, officially declared open in October by Provost Duff. The luxurious motion picture house seated 2200 people when the curtain rose. On entering the foyer, patrons find the stalls waiting hall located on the left, and the waiting hall for the front stalls to the right. There are eleven emergency exits, and the atmosphere is kept fresh by being changed five times each hour, while also being kept at an even temperature. The theatre's high dome carries six hundred electric bulbs. The floors are richly carpeted, and the general treatment is modern without being futuristic. A cafe, capable of seating one hundred and twenty people, and complete with up-to-date kitchen, is an attractive addition to a building claimed to be the last word in cinema construction.'
 - The Stirling Observer, 1932
Images below from press coverage at the time courtesy Murray Thomson and Sam Hayward

Manager - G Guthrie

Artist's Impression

Architect - CJ McNair

(Archive projection photo of the Regal from the 1930s here, courtesy of Hugh Thomson)

The Regal closed and was demolished for a new road in March 1968.

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