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Wick Cinemas

Breadalbane Cinema
Breadalbane Terrece, Pultneytown

Now Dounreay Sports & Social Club; due to close Summer 2007
Photo courtesy Norrie Mcnamee
Darren Manson reports: The projection room, original stairs to the balcony, stairs and doors into the stalls, part of the stage floor and top half of the stage opening still remain.
It is possible that some of the ceiling is hidden behind a slightly modified slope on the current ceiling.
Beneath the floor are bits of seat legs and around 15 seat backs in various positions.
A cupboard to the right of the former stage reveals part of the original doorframe that lead to the backstage area of the cinema.

Pavilion Cinema
High Street

Photo c1960s courtesy Frank Watson.
Photos of building here and here circa 1973 courtesy of Ian McIver
Opened 1930, as skating rink. Later nightclub. Gutted by fire, 1996.  Derelict.
Recent picture of the remaining shell below courtesy of Darren Manson.

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