Help Wanted

This list includes all known cinemas in Scotland that are not already covered on the main part of the site, and are known to have been demolished.
It far from accurate or exhaustive, having been put together from many different sources of varying reliability.

I would welcome anyone with information about any cinemas on this list - or any cinemas omitted from the list - to get in touch.
I would especially welcome more details as to current usage and addresses for the more vague entries, and corrections as to things that are just plain incorrect or nonsense!

Many thanks for your input in advance!
Gordon Barr

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Key to Status Field:
+ Noteworthy architecture.
1 Intact (not divided, most of its original fittings)
2 Little changed (original auditorium, but new decoration and fittings. Fašade intact)
3 Changed (fašade or auditorium divided or remodelled and few original fittings, but still recognisable).
4 Greatly changed (fašade altered; interior bears no relation to its original plan or decoration. May be unrecognisable)
5 Remaining only in part (fašade or auditorium demolished)