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This list includes all known cinemas in Scotland that are not already covered on the main part of the site, and are known to have been demolished.
It far from accurate or exhaustive, having been put together from many different sources of varying reliability.

I would welcome anyone with information about any cinemas on this list - or any cinemas omitted from the list - to get in touch.
I would especially welcome more details as to current usage and addresses for the more vague entries, and corrections as to things that are just plain incorrect or nonsense!

Many thanks for your input in advance!
Gordon Barr

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Town Name Address Status

Aberdeen La Scala 234, Union Street Demolished
o. 3.4.14 by La Scala Photo Playho. Co. (Aberdeen). Arch. John Ednie & Geo. Sutherland. Sold to Green's, 10.4.17. Sold to Caledonian Ths. (Brebner & Walker,Belmont & TSS etc.). Cl. 18.5.35 for buiding of Majestic.

Alloa La Scala Mill Street Demolished
o. 22.1.16 Alloa Th. Co. Sold to T. Ormiston, late 1920. s. 717. Sold to Gaumont, 3.28. Cl. 2.7.38. Dem. for new Gaumont

Arbroath Arbroath Picture Hall / Palace James Street Demolished
o. c. 9.09 in Arbroath Theatre of 1901 (former Inverbrothock Free Church). Renamed, 1910. Demolished for new Palace, 6.14.

Arbroath Pavilion Russell Street Demolished
o. 13.2.11 in skating rink of 1909 (part still used as rink). Rink section dismantled, 1911. Sold to W Maxwell, c. 1913. Cl. 9.14. Requisitioned by military. Demolished, late teens or early 20s.

Arniston (Midlothian) Cinema Hunterfield Road (Dundas St?) Demolished
In former Dundas Hall. Dem. 1970s/80s

Blackburn Welfare Cinema Bathgate Rd Demolished

Blantyre Electric Theatre Glasgow Road Demolished
o.1913. Cl.1930

Brechin Melvin's Picture Palace / Brechin PP / Cassino / Empire Scott Street Demolished
o. 10.9.1910 in old skating rink (wooden shed). Brechin PP from 4.1912; Cassino in 1917; Empire in 1918. Destroyed by fire, 25.3.1920.

Broughty Ferry Capitol Church Street Demolished
c. 1935-39.

Broughty Ferry Universal / Uno Lawrence Street Demolished
c. 1912-15

Camelon Ritz Main Street Demolished
o. mid-1938 by Camelon Picture House Co. s. 992. Destroyed by fire, 5.60.

Cardenden Picturedrome / Gothenberg 133, Station Road / Orebank Rd Demolished
AKA The Goth. Opened 1920s. s.400 Demolished 1984. Terracotta Frontage. Closed and derelict by the 1970s. Demolition 1984, houses on site.

Carluke Alhambra Demolished
A music hall converted into a cinema around WWI. Burnt down, 1935.

Carluke Empire Demolished
Destroyed by fire before 1937

Clydebank New Cinema Demolished
o. by private company near to Singer station behind tenement. Dem. early 1960s.

Clydebank Palace Kilbowie Road Demolished
o. as Palace of Varieties before becoming full-time cinema. Owned at some point by JB Milne. Sold with his other cinemas to SCVT, 1917. Sold to George Palmer, 1940, but destroyed in blitz before it reopened.

Clydebank Pavilion Kilbowie Road Demolished

Coatbridge Whifflet / Garden (on LHS of) Newlands St, off Dundyvan Rd Demolished
Opened as Garden. Had a small circle. Projection room on girders external to main building. 1000 seats. Renamed Whifflet 1935. Closed 1960s.

Cowdenbeath Empire Demolished
o. 1899 as theatre. Arch. JD Swanston. Cine-variety from 1914. Full-time cinema from 1922. Probably not being used as a cinema in the 50s, as the Picture House is said to have had no competition after the Arcade burnt down.

Craigneuk Rio Picture House Sheildmuir Street Demolished
Commonly called the Bazooki. Closed shortly after WW2. 600s

Cupar Regal South Union Street Demolished
Purpose built cinema. REGAL CINEMA, Cupar Fife Herald News. 21 May 1977. Former cinema is being considered for auction hall (+ photo) - so had already closed. Fife Herald News. 15 Oct 1982. Report of Housing Committee re developing the cinema's site for housing (+ historical account of the building). St. Andrews Citizen. 4 Jun 1977. Article of the history of the cinema on the occasion of its sale.

Dalmellington Cinema (WW1) Demolished
Open as cinema during WW1.

Dalry Regal New St Demolished
See also

Dalry Victory New St Demolished
600s Pictures & Variety. Opened 1920s, Destroyed by fire 1930s.

Dumfries Lyceum High Street Demolished
o. as cine-variety theatre, 12.12. Arch. GA Boswell. s. 1,200. Cine-variety from 1913. Dem. for new cinema, 1936.

Dumfries Playhouse Irish Street Demolished
o. c. 1922 in Mechanics' Hall. Soon being run by SCVT. Cl. with silent films, 1931.

Dundee Britannia / Salon / Britannia Picturedrome Demolished
o. 1912. Renamed Salon, 1923. Renamed Britannia Picturedrome soon afterwards. Cl. c. 1939.

Dundee Casino South Road Demolished
o. c. 1925. Cl. c. 1930.

Dundee City Picturedrome Rosefield Street / Milnbank Street Demolished

Dundee Grand Theatre / New Grand Theatre Demolished
o. 1912. Renamed, 1938. Cl. c. 1942.

Dundee Magnet 8 Well Road Demolished
c. 1912 - 1915. Later West End Palais.

Dundee Regal 22 Taylor St, Lochee Demolished
A short lived cinema of c. 1936-39. Later social club,

Dundee St Ann St Cinema St Ann Street Demolished
c. 1912-15.

Dundee Wellington 30 Wellington Street Demolished

Dundee West End Picture Palace unknown - see note Demolished
o. 1908 by as Newman's West End Picture Palace. Is this the same building that became West End Kinema/Shand's?

Dunfermline La Scala / New Scala Guildhall Street Demolished
o. 10.13 by RC Buchanan in old Clark's Music Hall of 1852. s. 850. Rebuilt further, renamed, 4.22. Destroyed by fire, 13.4.24.

Dunfermline Olympia Picture Palace High Street Demolished
o. 17.8.12 in old skating rink. Expanded into neighbouring buildings, 3.14. Under various owners until 10.22. May have been empty after that. Site bought by P Crerar, c. 1929. Dem. for building of Regal.

Dunoon Picture House Argyle Street Demolished
o. 1913. Arch. AV Gardner. 977 seats. Closed 50s/60s.

Duns Regal Easter Street Demolished
Conversion of church, seated around 500 in stalls and flat-fronted balcony. Foyer decorated with wood from an old ship. Closed 1962, burnt down. Houses on site, one part of stone wall may remain. Described itself as 'Berwickshire's Super Cinema' and gives the 'phone number as Duns 120. It had a cafe, a car park and programmes were continuous Monday to Friday from 5.40pm with three houses on Saturday at 2.10, 5.40 & 8.20. Programmes were for two days only - Mon & Tues, Wed & Thurs, Fri & Sat.

Edinburgh Abbey 30-32, N. Richmond St Demolished
o. 1920 in former synangogue with external iron staircase. Cl. by 1933. Demolished.

Edinburgh New Electric Cinema Shrubhill, Leith Walk Demolished
o. 1908. Later Petit Paris. Cl. c. 1912.

Edinburgh Olympia 54, Annandale Street Demolished
o. 5.2.12 in old skating rink. s. 1,800. Cl. 1915 to become circus. Later car salesroom. Dem. Standard Life buiding on site, 1984.

Edinburgh Operetta House 3, Chambers Strret Demolished
o. 1900 for cine-variety in old Moss theatre. Cinema by 1906. Probably cl. 23.12.39. Dem. 1951.

Edinburgh Pringle's Picture Palace 71-75, Grove Street Demolished
o. 9.11.08 by R Pringle in old mission hall/stables, built 1872. Arch. George Beattie and Sons. Cl. c.1917 to become theatre. Burned down, 4.7.21.

Edinburgh St Andrew's Square Cinema Clyde Street Demolished
o. 1.1.23 by FR Graham-Yooll in old vet school of 1818 (arch. R&R Dickson). s. 1,421. Sold to Gaumont, 5.28. Destroyed by fire, 12.11.52. Dem. Now part of bus station.

Edinburgh Waverley Market Demolished
Occaisonal film shows

Elgin Rink / Pavilion Demolished
Operating in 1910

Falkirk Electric Theatre/Empire/Roxy Silver Row Demolished
o.22.8.10 as Electric Th. in renovated Erskine Church by E Atkinson. s. 900. Moved to cine-variety, renamed, 1921. Renovated, renamed Roxy, 1938 (cine-variety). Cl. 1958. Dem. 1961, for hotel site.

Fauldhouse Savoy / Palace 58 Main Street Demolished

Fort William Picture House/CB Pictures Cameron Square Demolished
Town Hall of 1880 (earlier Duncansburgh Church of 1797). Converted, with early film shows. Permanent cinema from 4.13. Renamed, c. 1918. Leasee George Kay. Films probably stopped when George Kay opened the Shalee. Destroyed by fire, 14.12.74. Demolished.

Fort William Shalee / Lochaber Demolished
Poorly documented cinema. Owned by George Kay of Playhouse. Change of name within a year of opening. Cl. following fire, 9.26.

Galashiels Pavilion Cinema Channel Street Demolished

Glasgow Bridgeton X Electric Th. Olympia Street Demolished
o. 1910 by West of Scotland Electric Ths. Arch. George A Boswell. Leased to Green's from 1912 and renamed Picturedrome. Cl., dem. 1932.

Glasgow Casino Shawbridge St, Pollokshaws Demolished
o. 1911 by P McKenna. s. 300. Cl., dem. 1919

Glasgow Empire Eragraph 60, Raglan Street Demolished
o. 1913 by P McKenzie in North Woodside Halls. Cl. 1931.

Glasgow Green's Picturedrome/Round Toll/Magnet 41, Possil Road Demolished
o. 1912 by George Green Ltd. in back court. Arch. Burnet & Boston. s. 500. Leased to Round Toll Pictures Ltd and called Round Toll Cinema, 3.20 -9.31. Reopened by R Pennycook and called Magnet, 6.4.32. Cl, dem., 5.55.

Glasgow Grove 12, Breadalbane Street Demolished
o. 4.8.15 by James Graham in old UF Ch. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 827. Sold to P McNicol, 4.22. Cl. 18.1.32. Dance hall. Dem. ?

Glasgow Maryhill Picture House 1397, Maryhill Road Demolished
o. 12.14 by Maryhill Picture House Ltd. Arch. George N Beattie. s. 830. Cl., dem. 1929. Site lated used for Roxy.

Glasgow Paragon Tobago Street, Calton Demolished
o. 1910 by RV Singleton in former Globe Music Hall. s. 683. Cl., dem. 1920.

Glasgow Possilpark Picture House / Avon 277, Saracen Street Demolished
o. 1920 by James Graham. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 1,222. Sold to Glasgow & West of Scotland Cinemas, renamed, 4.4.45. Sold to CMA (Rank), 23.4.55. Cl., dem. 1960.

Glasgow Pringle's Dennistoun Palladium Hillfoot Street Demolished
o. 1.1.12 by Ralph Pringle in old skating rink. Arch. George Boswell. s. 1,2000. Cl. 12.21. Dance hall. Dem. 1937.

Glasgow Royal 102, Main St, Bridgeton Demolished
o. 7.18 by Royal Picture House Co. in back court. s. 500. Cl., dem. 3.58.

Glasgow Shawlands Picture House 1045, Pollokshaws Road Demolished
o. 1914 by Shawlands Cinema Ltd. Arch. Richard Henderson. s. 550. Sold to SCVT, 4.16. Cl., dem. 30.8.30.

Glasgow St. James' Picture House 112, Stirling St, Townhead Demolished
o. 1910 by The Douglas Picture House Co. s. 450. Cl., dem. 1947.

Glasgow Star / Cosmo 254, Garscube Road Demolished
o. 1912 by North Glasgow Theatre Ltd in old meeting hall. Renamed, 7.31. Cl., dem. 9.33

Glasgow Star Palace 136, Main Street, Bridgeton Demolished
o. 1908 by Mrs M Laird in old Bridgeton Town Hall. Arch. J & J Laird. s. 1,013. Cl., dem. 1930.

Glasgow Whitevale Theatre 845, Gallowgate Demolished
o. 1908 by Green's in old music hall. s. 660. Cl., dem. 1929.

Greenock Argyle Theatre Argyle Street Demolished
Mechanics Institute / furniture shop / pool

Greenock Empire Manse Lane Demolished
o. as live theatre, 16.3.03. Arch. Thomas Kennedy. Leased for cine-variety to BB Picture Co. (JJ Bennell), 3.10. Sold and changed to theatre use, 1933. Cl. 14.5.57. Furniture store. Dem. 10.68.

Greenock Mechanic's Picture House Sir Michael Street Demolished
Opened as a proper Picture House,in April 1920, in part of the Mechanics Institute,though films had been shown there previous to the installation of a sloping floor and other alterations.Closed 1924.Seats:400.Building destroyed in the Blitz of May 1941

Greenock Victoria Picture House Rue End Street Demolished
Destroyed in Blitz, May 1941.

Haddington County Demolished
o. 1930s by Scott's Empires (Paulo & Scott). Destroyed by fire, early 40s. Rebuilt as New County.

Harthill Harthill Picture Palace Main Street Demolished
Destroyed by fire, 1930.

Inveresk Cinema Demolished
o. 1936. Arch. J McKissack. Same as Musselburgh Regal?

Invergordon Picture House / La Scala Demolished
o. 3.6.15. Arch. Cowieson's. s. 400. Renamed, 1916. Destroyed by fire, 5.24. Dem.

Irvine Kyle / George Bank Street Demolished
o. 1939 by KR Blair. Arch. J McKissack. Sold to George Palmer, renamed, 4.46. Destroyed by fire, 2.69.

Irvine Regal / George Chapel Lane Demolished
o. 1922. Sold to George Palmer following loss of Embassy, c. 1969. Renamed. Compulsorily purchased for shops, early 70s.

Johnstone George Demolished
Dem. Now car park.

Kilmarnock Electric Picture Hall Clerk's Lane Demolished
o. 1.12 by A Talboys in converted church. s. 800. Sold to Caledon Electric Theatres, 1922. Leased to Mrs Talboys, 1924. Continued under the Talboys until closing, 1938. Dem shortly after. Now car park.

Kilmarnock Forum Titchfield Street Demolished
o. 1920 by Forum Ltd. s. 700. Sold to A Claymore, 1928. Cl. C. 1959. Dem. for supermarket.

Kilsyth Playhouse Demolished
cl. c. 1968. Application for change of use to bingo, 1968.

Kilwinning Kingsway Almswall Road Demolished

Kirkcaldy St Clair Cinema Gallatown Demolished
o.1913. Wooden hall, burnt down 12.12.14.

Kirkintilloch Picture House / Pavilion Oxford Street Demolished
Part of Ormiston Circuit. O.1914. s. 1,000. Taken over by Gaumont, 3.28. Cl. c.1943. Re-opened c.1945 by independent. s. 825. Cl.29.7.61. Bingo

Leith Cinema House / Empire Tolbooth Wynd Demolished
o. 14.4.13. Cl and empty at some point. Reopened and renamed, 31.12.17. Cl. c.1930. Extant?

Leith Laurie (St)/Leith Picture House/Alison. 6, Laurie Street Demolished
o. 27.5.11 in old grocer's shop. s. 400. Renamed Leith Picture House, 1912-31; Laurie Picture House, 31-34; Leith Picture House, 34-44; Alison, 1944. Cl. 7.10.46.

Leith Magnet (Kinema) Parliament Street Demolished
o. 1912 by Codona's. Metal shed, s. 200. Seems to have been short-lived.

Glasgow Avion Thornliebank Road / Lochiel Road Demolished
1920s, closed by 1960. Dem for Avion pub, 1964

Mauchlin Abbey Cinema Demolished
Open before 1949. Closed 1963. Was converted for scope. Conversion of church.

Mauchlin Picture House Demolished

Maybole Carrick Cinema House Culzean Road Demolished
o. 1912. By Mr Biddle. Wooden hut. Cl, dem., 1938 when replacement opened.

Montrose Empire / New Empire Castle Street Demolished
1920s - mid-30s. Perhaps never went over to sound.

Motherwell Alhambra Barrie Street Demolished
Former variety theatre. Full-time cinema from c. 1910. Dem. following fire, 1934. Replaced by New Cinema.

Muirkirk Picture House Main Street Demolished
Temperance hall built and opened in 1888. By the early 1900?s it was the centre of entertainment in the town which it also served as magic lantern show / cinema.

Muirkirk Regal Main Street Demolished
Started life as Dundas Church in Main Street Muirkirk. The building was reopened in 1917 as Dundas Hall and used for various entertainment, as the Temperance hall had closed in 1912. Dundas Hall closed its doors for good in 1937 after the dance crazed years of the 20?s and 30?s the building was once again refurbished.Rebuilt with a complete new fa?ade was converted to cinema Its 200-seat capacity was just about right for the town. The Regal Stood next to the Co-op in Main Street not that far away from the other cinema The Picture House. It only was open as a cinema for a short time when in early 1939 it went up in flames. (Smouldering Nitrate film???) Although the building was totally gutted in the fire it was completely repaired and reopened later in 1939. A ?talkie? cinema from opening till the end and with Cinemascope added in its twilight years. The REGAL remained in service until 1961 when it too succumbs to falling audiences. Sadly, and again in 1972, the building was demolished the site it stood on is now the co-op car park. Information courtesy John Millin

Musselburgh Central Mall Avenue Demolished
Operating in WWII. Dem. for extention to bus depot, o. 4.62.

Musselburgh Logan's Picture House New Street Demolished
Destroyed by fire, 1921.

Musselburgh Regal Dalrymple Loan Demolished
Operating during WWII. Musselburgh's largest cinema and the last to close.

New Cumnock Barn / Afton Demolished
Corrugated iron structure. Arch. J Jeffrey Waddell. Image here:

New Cumnock Castle Picture House / Regal / Biddel's Regal The Castle Demolished
o.1921, built by local tradesmen, Richard Kennedy for brickwork and joiner work by William Baird. Demolished 1960s except for projection booth, which survived until the late 1990s.

North Berwick Empire 83-87, High Street Demolished
o. 1920s by Scott's Empires in former Forester's Hall. Demolished for Playhouse.

Paisley Bank Street Hall Bank Street Demolished
o. c. 1909. Cl. c. 1915.

Perth Electric Cinema / Alexandra Pictures Alexandra Street Demolished
o. c. 1911/12. Cl. soon afterwards. Tin shed; run by Dundee-based Robert Pennycook.

Perth Empire Picture House / King's 55, South Methven St Demolished
o. c. 1910 by Pennycook. Remodelled and renamed, 7.14. s. 500. Destroyed by fire within five weeks.

Peterhead Aubrey's Marischal Street Demolished
Formerly the Music Hall. Burnt down, 12.36.

Port Glasgow Palace / Eclipse Scarlow Street Demolished
Early cinema (1914), replaced by Plaza

Prestonpans Biddalls PH Demolished

Rosyth Cinema House Demolished
An early permanent cinema of the early twenties, likely to have been a tin hut.

Rothesay Cinema De Luxe Store Lane Demolished
Later blacksmith's and betting shop. Dem. following fire, early 80s.

Saltcoats Pavilion Seafront Demolished
Demolished. Replaced in mid-2000

Stirling Kinema / Plaza Orchard Place Demolished
o. 1917 in purpose-built hall by Menzies bros. Refurbished, renamed in 1930s, s. 600. Used by army in WWII. Ballroom from 1946, then bingo in 60s, then GPO from mid-70s. Destroyed by fire, 12.77.

Stonehaven Queen's 88-98, Allardice Street Demolished
o. 19.7.13 by Aberdeen syndicate. Cl. dem. 5.36 for new Picture House. Site now Bruce Court.

Troon Pavilion Templehill Demolished
Round the corner from the 'George'; same owners as Picture House, Darvel.

Uddingston Pavilion Spindlehow Road / Crofthead Street Demolished
744 seats. O.1921. 'Picturesque, in the Oriental style'. Extended 1925. Closed mid 50s.

Uphall Cinema House Demolished
o. 1912 in former public hall. Dem. 1974.

West Calder People's Palace Demolished
Built as concert hall, 1885. Arch. JG Fairley. Cinema for some time. Bought by rivals, Regal Th. Co. and cl. soon after in 1947 due to dangerous roof. Dem. 19??

Whitburn Picture House Demolished

Largs Curlinghall Hotel Mackerston Demolished
Hotel bought by owners of next door Barra House, Broomfields & turned into hotel & conference facility. Refurbished to include a cinema in 1953, advert in 1965 mentioned 'Cinemascope film shows'. Dem. early 1980s.

Key to Status Field:
+ Noteworthy architecture.
1 Intact (not divided, most of its original fittings)
2 Little changed (original auditorium, but new decoration and fittings. Fašade intact)
3 Changed (fašade or auditorium divided or remodelled and few original fittings, but still recognisable).
4 Greatly changed (fašade altered; interior bears no relation to its original plan or decoration. May be unrecognisable)
5 Remaining only in part (fašade or auditorium demolished)