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The Picture House / Gaumont
140 Sauchiehall Street

Opened in December 1910, seating around 1,084, in a new auditorium constructed behind the retained facade of a warehouse. The interior was decorated by Guthrie & Wells, the famous Glasgow interior decorators, and incorporated a luxurious 'Palm Court'..
Reconstructed in 1925 to seat 1,600. Renamed Gaumont in 1947, and the interior was modernised in 1960.

Interior photos above c.1928 courtesy of Cinema Theatre Association Archive
Exterior photos above courtesy of www.mawgrim.co.uk

Images below courtesy of Frank Watson:






1,2,3  Philips DP70 35/70 Projector With Mole Richardson Arc Lamp
4. Racks for 70mm 5 Channel Stage Speakers
5. On right hand side, surround speakers amplifier with, above, 4 track surround control unit. 2 non-sync turntables in front, on front wall optical sound valve pre-amp for No.2 Projector below Surround channel volume control.
6. Frank Olsen at the 2/8 Wurlitzer.

It closed and was demolished in January 1972, although the facade has been retained once more as part of the  Savoy Centre shopping development.

Listed, Grade B

The archive shot below shows patrons queuing for a showing of Spartacus:

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