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Update to add the Bridgeton Cross Electric Theatre to our Glasgow page.

Major update for our page on the town of Forth, North Lanarkshire, with great images and memories of the marvellous Tinto cinema there, courtesy of John Fleming.
Added an image of the Kinema in Stirling, thanks to John Craig.

First update in over 10 years for our Cinemas At Risk page, fixing all the broken links and bringing things somewhat more up to date!

Update for the Cruden Hall / Electric Cinema in Greenock, with a rather nice cinema token added thanks to Paul Withers; and archive images of the Playhouse Thornhill and the Palace Castle Douglas thanks to Graham Maxwell and Mark Douglas.

Fantastic new archive images of the Huntly Palace/Playhouse, courtesy of Richard Muir, added the modern Alloa Cinema to the Alloa page, and some updates to Ardrossan.

Updates for our Fraserburgh page, and for the Picture House in Portobello.

Updates for our Annan and Gretna pages, with new images courtesy of Alan J Towers.

Major update for our Astoria page in Edinburgh, with new interior and exterior images courtesy of Larry Mcguire.

A stunning new colour image of the Parkhead Picture Palace in Glasgow (thanks to James Campbell), and a new photo of the exterior of the St George's Cross Electric Picture Palace in Glasgow (thanks to Rod Campbell).
Major update for our Anstruther page, with a gallery of images of the Regal thanks to James Berwick.

It's alive! First update for 2020 coming soon...
Although the main site hasn't been updated in a while (what's seven years between friends?!), we've not stopped reporting on cinema news - follow us on twitter as ScottishCinemas, or have a look at our ScottishCinemas Facebook page for the latest news.

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